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Hello World!!

By guest, Jul 3 2015 06:27AM

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Apr 18 2018 01:25AM by i will hack you

Jul 8 2018 11:01AM by Jackie Coufal

I'm looking for a little advice about my new 10 year old adopted African Grey from a wonderful home. I have another grey who is 24. My new grey Jack has been here a week. He appears to be adjusting, except possibly a little stressed. He continues flapping and making a very loud noise that sounds like a dieing battery in a smoke detector. His previous owner has stated that isn't a noise he made hardly at all. He is eating, but I'm stumped as to what to do for him. I imagine it's just time, I handle him and he is very sweet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 9 2018 09:56PM by Meow

Hi do you have Hyacinth Macaws?

Feb 15 2019 05:10AM by MH

Hello, do you have finches of any kind? I would love to know.

Jul 1 2019 07:07PM by Bogie B. Bogarté

Hi, Bogie here. I am a Yellow Naped Amazon and have known American Bird since it started. I still come around and hang out once in awhile when my coverman and his wife go on vacation. Coverman you say. To understand that you have to read my bio which can be found on my Facebook Page by clicking on About and then clicking on Details About You. There you will find my bio describing my work in the US Intelligence Community. The photo albums are of also of interest.

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