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Hello World!!

By guest, Jul 3 2015 06:27AM

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Apr 18 2018 01:25AM by i will hack you

Jul 8 2018 11:01AM by Jackie Coufal

I'm looking for a little advice about my new 10 year old adopted African Grey from a wonderful home. I have another grey who is 24. My new grey Jack has been here a week. He appears to be adjusting, except possibly a little stressed. He continues flapping and making a very loud noise that sounds like a dieing battery in a smoke detector. His previous owner has stated that isn't a noise he made hardly at all. He is eating, but I'm stumped as to what to do for him. I imagine it's just time, I handle him and he is very sweet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 9 2018 09:56PM by Meow

Hi do you have Hyacinth Macaws?

Feb 15 2019 05:10AM by MH

Hello, do you have finches of any kind? I would love to know.

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