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Purveyors of Phine Psittacines

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Serving Birds and their Humans for over 20 Years...

American Bird Company has been serving birds and the humans that love them for over twenty years.

We provide the healthiest and happiest baby parrots from our own breeding facilities. Additionally, we maintain a huge inventory of the best bird supplies offered at excellent prices.


Who we are

Dedicated to quality products and supplies.  Buying a parrot is no different than buying a dog.  You are encouraged to buy a puppy. We show you the right baby for your needs.


Who we serve

We serve a growing community of people who realize that parrots are highly-intelligent companions that need a healthy environment, balanced nutrition, social interaction, and - like their human companions - a healthy dose of affection in order to thrive.


Our specialty boutique caters to the likes of all bird lovers in Falls Church, VA. We have all kinds of birds, primarily parrots.  We also deal with bird supplies for all your bird's needs. Reach us at 703-536-2473 to learn more about us and our services.

What We Do

Serving the Washington DC Area and Beyond

Though we love all animals, American Bird Company is a specialty boutique that caters to people who are bird lovers.


In twenty-five years of operation, we have dutifully served the needs of parrot-lovers throughout the DC area. Additionally, we have been fortunate enough to make some out-of-town friends along the way. If you're a bird-person living near us, we'd love for you to join our community of happy bird people. If you're planning on visiting the DC area, we invite you to drop by and pay us a visit.

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About American Bird Company

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