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Purveyors of Phine Psittacines

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Weaned Baby Birds for Bird Lovers

Weaning is an exciting but stressful time in a baby bird's life. This is the time when they've gone from you having to feed them to eating on their own. American Bird Company has been in the business since 1988 and has the perfect 4 month weaned bird for you. Get in touch with us to get your little companion today.


Call us at 703-536-2473 to find out more about our special breeds.

American Bird Company is a fun and friendly place for all bird lovers. We focus on the safety and health of our birds, so that they can all be warrantied healthy. You get to choose from a variety of species.


Learn more about our other products and services such as bird supplies, grooming, boarding, new incoming species and more.

We Focus on Health and Safety of Our Birds

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Weaned Hand Fed Baby Birds in Falls Church, VA